What is the LWG Difference?

Dear Linemen,


Welcome to LWG 2016! Whether you want to be an All-American in college, a starter on your high school squad or you’re strapping on pads for the first time next fall, Linemen Win Games will help you achieve your football goals.


LWG is not your average multi-sport, run-of-the-mill speed and agility training program.  We work with linemen specifically; the unselfish, first line of defense with their knuckles dragging in the dirt.  At LWG we help establish the core fundamentals that are the backbone to your success, while also teaching cutting edge skills and drills that are specific to your position. 


Our program is the perfect supplement to your team’s current off-season training regimen.  You will return to your season next fall in Football Shape, not just the cardiovascular shape you can get from any ladder or cone drill.  At LWG, you’ll be exploding out of your stance, striking bags, engaging in hand-to-hand combat and running game-tempo drills. 


It is my firm belief that great offensive and defensive linemen can always keep their team in a position to win.  We are at once a band of brothers, the stabilizing force, relentless pursuers and protectors.  I invite you to check out the website and contact me when you’re ready to join us!



Jonathan Osterhout

President, Linemen Win Games LLC.

916.275.9411 (direct)