The Recruiting Process

How to be Recruited - To ensure you give yourself the opportunity to continue playing this wonderful game as long as you desire, we will do everything in our power to help you prepare for the opportunity at school that fits you.  To help ensure you are properly prepared if the occasion presented itself, we will educate you and your son on the process and the  guidelines specific schools utilize to identify prospects that fit their program:

  • Want to be at ABC University- Programs will recruit prospective student-athletes who have a desire to be at ABC University and earn their degree from ABC University.  It must be the right fit for them and, more importantly, for the prospective student-athlete. 
  • Retention- ABC University must continue to recruit their current student-athletes on campus to make sure they acclimate and transition into the community and program.  They won’t worry about the ones they lose, they will worry about the ones they get.

  • Understand how ABC University Implements their Recruiting Plan- Is their primary area Northern California and the Northwest?  They will need to know more about their prospective student-athletes academics, character, and athletic ability than any school that recruits him.  Relationships are the best way to overcome distance.  They will make solid decisions based on thorough evaluations of video, football camp, transcripts, and relationships with high school coaches and counselors.   They must go above and beyond what the other recruiters are not willing to do.  Below are the key principles and recruiting process for them to land future student-athletes at ABC University.

Key Principles 

  • Sincere – They will take a sincere interest and approach in what is best for the student-athlete and his family.
  • Trust – They will be able to provide an honest and objective approach of the big picture for the recruit.  Taking into consideration what is truly best for them based on their individual values and motivations. 
  •  Relationship Building – They will establish a relationship with the understanding we will do what is in the best interest for the recruit and ABC University.  Listening, probing, and gaining more understanding about the moral character of an individual will help them make an informed decision.
  • Communication – They will clearly articulate back to the prospect what you understand at this point is important to them.  Additionally, they will follow up and follow through with everything.
  • Understanding Motivation, Values, and Deal-Breakers- They will ask smart, probing questions and dig three layers deep to get to the root of what is really important for their recruits.  If they know what is really important, they can make sure those resources are available during the recruitment process.  Further, they will find out who else will influence their decision.  If they can discover a recruit’s “deal-breakers” early in the process, they will know whether to continue with him or if he is not a good fit for the ABC University. 
  •  Follow up and Follow Through- They will stay close to the prospects throughout the decision-making process and answer all questions and/or concerns posed by them, their parents or their coaches. 

ABC University Recruiting Process

  • First Impression
  • Establish a Rapport and Trust
  • Qualify (Motivations/Values/Deal-Breakers)
  • An objective-counseling approach with the prospect
  • Follow up and Follow Through
  • Connecting the Dots
  • Commitment - 90% of the process is qualified on the front end and the prospective student-athlete and his family should be closing themselves on why this makes sense and is in the best interest for their academic and athletic career at ABC University.


Recruiting Timeline of Events- We will provide you and your son with the timeline of events that will occur if he has the opportunity to continue playing  (JC to BCS conference) after his high school career is completed.  Below is a list of timelines all Universities utilize in the recruitment process.

  • Identification Process
  • Transcript Review and Academic Evaluations
  • NCAA Core Breakdown (48H form from High School)
  • Spring Evaluation Period (Visits to high schools, JC’s and combines)
  • Fall Evaluation Period (Visits to high schools and JC’s)
  • Contact Period (Home Visits, Face to Face Communication at HS or JC’s)
  • Recruiting Phase (Phone Calls/Questionnaires/Letter Writing/Un-Official Visits/Email/General Correspondence/Camp Invites)
  • Official Visits
  • Offer Process
  • Two-Year Scholarship Plan
  • Recruited Walk-on