Zack Nash | #98 DE | Arizona Cardinals/Sac State Alum

I have known Coach O for the past 3 years. He has been instrumental in not only my development as a player, but as a person also. His coaching and life teachings have helped me become a better player than I have ever thought I could be and a better person off the field than could have ever been had I not met him. His coaching and physical style of play helped me exceed my expectations as a player and more. He is passionate about football and it is evident with all the time he spent away from his family with us, not only on the practice field but in the weight room, and film room as well. He has a great ability to relate to us as players and developed a great relationship with all of us. He was always vastly knowledgeable of not only the D-line technique and assignments, but always knew what the entire defense was doing at any given time, which goes to show his vast knowledge of the game.

It was a pleasure and a gift to have played for such a coach. In the time that he was my coach I soaked up more knowledge about football than anyone else could have taught me and my teammates. When he spoke the team listened. His coaching always put my teammates and in a position to win every play. 

Coach Tree Plumbtree | 2002 Recipient California Coaches Association Life-time Achievement Award

In the many years I have known Jon I have had the pleasure of watching him grow from a tremendous college football player to arguably the best line coach I have worked with in my 34 years in this profession. What sets Jon apart is his extensive knowledge of line play ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BALL. This knowledge base is superseded only by his infectious enthusiasm and his intensity. Those qualities along with his vast understanding of the nuances of the game make him an extraordinary teacher. Any player in the area with a true desire to fulfill his full potential as a student-athlete needs to take a hard look at the program Coach O is offering.

Jeff Tisdel, Head Football Coach | Sierra College

     Jon Osterhout is an exceptional teacher, motivator and coach. I have watched his work over the years. His knowledge about fundamentals and techniques are second to none. If you dedicate yourself with Jon, you will develop the edge that all football players strive to gain, and that is to be great.      

Walter Brock | Assistant Director of Sports Services, Conference USA

I have known Coach Osterhout for the last seven years as a player and colleague.   I learned under his tutelage as a defensive lineman during the 2004 and 2005 seasons at Sacramento State.  Coach O is passionate about the game and has an unwavering way of demanding the best out of his players.  Prior to playing under him, I was lacking the proper skillset of technical defensive line play.  Coach O was able to patiently teach me the proper techniques and his tireless efforts were instrumental in developing me as a complete player.   He is a tremendous motivator and possesses the unique ability to relate and bring out the best in his players on and off the playing field.   I am a living testament of how he positively impacted my playing career but more importantly, how he prepared me to be successful in life after football.

Mark Nill, Head Football Coach | Laguna Creek High School

Coach O is an excellent motivator of young men. His love for the game is reflected in his words and actions on and off the field. He has impacted my players tremendously.  O is also a DL expert. His focus on technique and motor, and his enthusiasm for the position motivates kids to want to dominate the LOS.     

Kevin Moore | Sacramento State Alum

I played for Coach Osterhout for 3 years at the University of Sacramento.  I played Linebacker in high school and at junior college.  After one week of Spring ball coach Osterhout realized the potential I could have at Defensive End.  Coach Osterhout developed my skills to be recognized for Big Sky Honors as well as being named to the Sac State all Decade football team.

Coach O  has a passion for the game and it shows in his coaching.  He is very knowledge to the game of football and has the best coaching techniques in the country.  Being a undersized DE I relied on technique to overcome my size.  Coach Osterhout  developed my skills and I would recommend him to any player or coaching staff in the country. 

Coach Kevin Cosgrove | DC at University of New Mexico

I was very fortunate to have John on our defensive staff at the University of Nebraska. Jon's contribution to the development of our Defensive Line play was a key to our team winning the Big 12 North title. He is a detailed coach who can develop players. He knows how to coach fundamentals and techniques as good as any line coach I have been around.

Coach Josh Brown- Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Cal Poly

Defensive Coordiantor

In my fourteen years of coaching football, Jon is the best line coach I have ever had the privilege to work with. He is a great teacher who understands the fundamentals that are necessary to be a dominate linemen. Jon has also demonstrated a great rapport with each and every young man he has been around and really has a grasp on teaching linemen how to use hand placement, leverage, get off, and footwork to become a great linemen.  You won’t find a better man, teacher, and coach to have your son learn from.

Coach Lou Biaz | Former Sacramento State Defensive Coordinator

Jon Osterhout is one of the finest “Line” coaches in the Country; he can coach either side of the ball with advanced technical skills.  He is an excellent teacher with great communication skills.  What sets Jon apart from the rest is his passion and energy that he brings to the game every day!  

Dannie Walker, Head Football Coach | Sacramento City College

Having known Jon for 14 years as a player and coach, I have grown to understand that Jon is a committed and driven football junkie who believes in greatness. Through the years, he has assisted many collegiate football players in achieving great insights and awareness of themselves as a player and person. His integrity is impeccable and he has built a great rapport with many of his teammates, athletes and coaches.

His dedication to coaching is exemplary and although he demands the best from his athletes, he is always compassionate. I have enjoyed observing and learning from Jon’s intense coaching sessions on the field as well as in the film room.

Jon brings a wealth of knowledge with his coaching style. Merging his stellar playing career with Washington Redskins and Sacramento State, his successful coaching tenure with University of Nebraska and Sacramento State, and his wealth of life experiences, Jon stands out as a cerebral and energetic young coach ready to aid in the technical development of young football players while encouraging them step beyond their limits.

Terrance Wagner | New Orleans Saint/Sac State Alum

I have known Jon Osterhout since 1997.  Since that first encounter, Jon has played a pivotal role in my personal and professional life.  Back in college Jon was my mentor on how to conduct myself on and off the field.  As a player and fellow teammate Jon set the example on how to set and achieve goals threw hard work, determination and the drive to succeed.  I can honestly say that I would not have been able to achieve my dream to play in the National Football League if it weren't for the help of Jon.  Seeing Jon coach, I know he has the ability to break down the fundamentals of an action that make it easy for a person to understand and apply with success and the character that draws people towards him.  He doesn't just teach his players the fundamentals that help on the field but he teaches and sets an example of what it takes to be a good man or women off the field.  I only hope that my children will have a person in their life that can be a friend to them like Jon has been to me.

Coach Buddy Wyatt | Defensive line Coach University of Kansas

Jon Osterhout is one of the finest young minds when it comes to coaching the offensive and defensive lines. He has a great eye for identifying a player’s weakness and turning it into a strength. He has a way of relating to the young men that will help him get the most out of them. He is a great teacher, a terrific motivator, but most of all he is a great person.

Mason Mitchell | Sacramento State Alum

Coach Jon Osterhout is a great coach and mentor. He has been such a positive influence to me as a player and member of the Samoan community. Coach Osterhout has a great relationship with the Polynesian community. He has not only understood the importance of family and how close knit our culture is but he has embraced the culture and has applied his knowledge and appreciation of it into his affectiveness as a coach. He has reached out to Polynesian athletes and has allowed us to be polynesian and family first within the game of football. He has coached many great Samoan players from  Long Beach, Ca. including Seth Tago, Harry Filo, Noel Taueetia as well as myself. His support of our culture allowed us to bring a diffferent level of tenacity to the game of football that he is able to harnace and teach to all of his players this attribute . It is with great pleasure and total confidence that Coach Jon Osterhout will be a great addition to any football program. He takes on every coaching aspect with and open mind and puts his heart and soul into his work. Coach Jon Osterhout is a great coach and candidate for any program and I can attest to his success and ability as a coach.

Bill Sherman | Sacramento State Alum

As a former player for Coach O I can truly say that I not only learned football skills and techniques, I also learned how to be a man. Coach O’s knowledge of both sides of the ball makes him extremely valuable to the future of any linemen.  Coach O has an ability to connect with his players at a more personal level. What makes Coach O a great coach is his ability to get his players to give everything they have for him.  Coach O’s knowledge of the game combined with the way he gets his players to give it all every time they put their cleats on is what separates him from the rest.

Zach Potter #88 | TE | Jacksonville Jaguars/Nebraska Alum


Height: - 6’7 Weight: 270 

Born: 5/4/1986 Omaha, NE

College: Nebraska

Experience: 3rd Season

High School: Creighton Prep HS [Omaha, NE]


I was able to work with Coach O for two years while he was at Nebraska. His knowledge of the defensive line skill set is what set him apart from other coaches. Coach O did a tremendous job of teaching the fundamentals of playing defensive line to me. The way he relates with players made it easy to learn and use those fundamentals every time I stepped onto the field.


2004: 6th Rnd, 13th by NYJ

Height: 6-7, Weight 295, 

Born: 4/04/1981 Burbank Ca

College: Sacramento State

Experience: NYJ 2yr,   NFL Europe (Amsterdam Admirals)  2yrs,   CFL (Hamilton Tiger-cats)2yrs 

High School: Cypress High, Cypress CA 

I have known Coach O for the last 12 years, as a player, friend, and a coach. He has mentored me and other student-athletes into developing our selves as respectable  individuals not only on but off the field as well.  He has helped me improve my skills not only on the offensive side of the ball, but also to understand the defensive techniques used to beat me and expose my weaknesses, allowing me to improve my self as an all around player.  Being a technician of the game on both sides of the ball has resulted in Coach O having the expertise to develop outstanding players. 

Don & Denise Moore | Parents

Our son, Kevin Moore, played for Coach Jon Osterhout for 3 years at Sacramento State University.  He played linebacker in high school and at Sierra College but was converted to a Defensive End at Sac State.  Coach Osterhout was an outstanding coach who could see the potential in Kevin and worked with him every day to improve his technique, always challenging him to get better.  Kevin achieved great success at Sac State, earning Big Sky postseason honors as well as being named to the Sac State All Decade team.  Kevin graduated in May, 2010 with a degree in Economics.

We had three children play college athletics and Coach Osterhout was clearly one of our favorite coaches.  He was always approachable from a parent’s perspective, treated his players with respect, and had tremendous success himself playing the line at both the college and professional levels.  You knew his relationship with his players was special and they worked very hard to make him proud.   He is a man of honor and we are very grateful our son had the opportunity to learn from him both athletically and personally.  We wish him all the success he deserves in his future endeavors. 

With great appreciation,

Don & Denise Moore

Lonnie Paxton | Long Snapper, Denver Broncos/NE Patriots

Having played 5 years of Div 1 football with Jonny O, I realized early into it that he had something special. Whether it was playing Offensive Line, training, or studying film, he was always able to point out the technique flaws and then teach it correctly. He was an instrumental part of my development as a college student athlete and a 12 yr pro. If there is a fundamental  technique or scheme used on the line of scrimage, he knows it and can teach it. Throughout my carreer, Coach O has been a great friend, a passionate coach and a team leader.

Christian Clark | DL

HEIGHT: 6-2   WEIGHT: 270   


COLLEGE: Sacramento State

EXPERIENCE: Former Player

HIGH SCHOOL: Palisades Charter HS

Jon Osterhout is one of the best coaches I've ever been coached by. His level of expertise and knowledge of d-line and o-line play comes second to none. He is a coach that demands the most out of you and only accepts the best. The passion and enthusiasm he has for the game enabled me to become a better player and man.

Coach Casey Taylor | Del Oro HS

Jon Osterhout is one of the top line coaches in the country.  He keeps producing all-league lineman every year.  His attention to detail and his passion for the game are one of a kind.  His players love playing for him.  He is firm, fair and gets the most out of his players.  He has high moral character and has done a tremendous job recruiting our areas athletes.  Both my players loved Jon thru the recruiting process and their four years at Sac State.