Coach Jon Osterhout is a great coach and mentor. He has been such a positive influence to me as a player and member of the Samoan community. Coach Osterhout has a great relationship with the Polynesian community. He has not only understood the importance of family and how close knit our culture is but he has embraced the culture and has applied his knowledge and appreciation of it into his affectiveness as a coach. He has reached out to Polynesian athletes and has allowed us to be polynesian and family first within the game of football. He has coached many great Samoan players from  Long Beach, Ca. including Seth Tago, Harry Filo, Noel Taueetia as well as myself. His support of our culture allowed us to bring a diffferent level of tenacity to the game of football that he is able to harnace and teach to all of his players this attribute . It is with great pleasure and total confidence that Coach Jon Osterhout will be a great addition to any football program. He takes on every coaching aspect with and open mind and puts his heart and soul into his work. Coach Jon Osterhout is a great coach and candidate for any program and I can attest to his success and ability as a coach.