I have known Coach O for the past 3 years. He has been instrumental in not only my development as a player, but as a person also. His coaching and life teachings have helped me become a better player than I have ever thought I could be and a better person off the field than could have ever been had I not met him. His coaching and physical style of play helped me exceed my expectations as a player and more. He is passionate about football and it is evident with all the time he spent away from his family with us, not only on the practice field but in the weight room, and film room as well. He has a great ability to relate to us as players and developed a great relationship with all of us. He was always vastly knowledgeable of not only the D-line technique and assignments, but always knew what the entire defense was doing at any given time, which goes to show his vast knowledge of the game.

It was a pleasure and a gift to have played for such a coach. In the time that he was my coach I soaked up more knowledge about football than anyone else could have taught me and my teammates. When he spoke the team listened. His coaching always put my teammates and in a position to win every play.