The Linemen Mentality

Lunch Pail Mentality - Success is the result of preparation and hard work meeting opportunity.

  • Relentless work ethic and unyielding and habitual effort will be the backbone of our program.
  • Our workmanlike approach to our off-season program, practice and academics will be essential to our success.
  • Follow the 6 P’s (Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance).
  • Start Fast, Finish Strong - We will establish high-tempo practice habits from the first day to ingrain in our players to finish plays every day.  It’s contagious.


Brotherhood - In order to win, it is important to find the right coaches, athletes and support staff that will work together.  We are in a relationship-based business and must protect our product with the right people.  Individuals who are willing to set their egos aside and work together toward a common goal provide our team the best chance for positive results.

  • Love, Trust, Commitment, Belief


What’s Important Now - The ability for an individual or a group of people to focus solely on a specific task without cluttering their mind or vision from outside influences.

  • Win your Individual Battle - There is an individual competition within each practice and game.  Your teammate trusts you to win your battle.
  • Win the Moment - Complete focus and attention on the present (i.e. during a meeting, lecture, or test).
  • Win the Day - What did I do to improve myself, my family, and my team?
  • My next play is my best play - We will have the ability to turn the page.  We will not dwell on the past play.  We will be able to move forward and live in that moment.


Character Counts - Character wins!  Low-Character/high-maintenance lineman can deplete a team.  We want lineman who want to perform their role without being asked to do it.  Our job as coaches is to find players that love football.  Our job is to continue to coach positive character traits in our players.

  • Character Development- During the year we will discuss weekly a new character trait to emphasize during the week. 
  • The LWG Way- It is a constant reminder of using your common sense and making the right choices.  Below is the list of the LWG Way. 








Never give up