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The LWG Way

Champions WORK... especially when nobody is watching.


The LWG Way

Champions WORK... especially when nobody is watching.

What are you doing every day to better yourself personally and athletically? 

Be the best you!

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Make the right choices
The decisions you make impact you, your family and your teammates.  Make sure it's a positive impact!

Assess strengths and weaknesses
Capitalize on what you do well and exploit your opponent's weakness.  Identify what you don't do well and work until it's a strength.

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The effort put forth in the off-season and on the practice field determines your ability to make plays in the game. Be great!

Both physically and mentally.  We need to dominate the 4th quarter!

Competition increases intensity and raises level of play.  Make your teammates better!

Send the message to your opponent in all phases of the game.

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Be the guy your teammates, coaches and family can count on.

Be a leader on and off the field.

Be your toughest critic
Remember, you are ALWAYS being evaluated.

Bring value to your team, school, family and community.

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The Lineman Mentality

Winning is the result of preparation through relentless hard work.

The Lineman Mentality

Winning is the result of preparation through relentless hard work.

Staples of a Champion

  • Relentless work ethic and an unyielding habitual effort are the backbone of our program.
  • The consistent effort we put into our off-season program, practice and academics are essential to achieving our goals.
  • Follow the 5 P’s - Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance
  • Start Fast, Finish Strong - We will establish high-tempo practice habits starting the first day and ingrain in our players to finish every play or drill.  We must dominate the 4th quarter!


Linemen have a special brotherhood... a bond forged by the hard work put in together which determines who wins the battle that takes place on the trenches.

  • We work hard and hold each other Accountable.
  • We Encourage each other to be our very best.
  • We Celebrate our successes Together.
  • We are bonded by the Love we have for football, our unit and team.
  • We Trust that our fellow linemen will execute their specific role to the best of their ability.
  • We have the Commitment it takes to be great!
  • We Believe we are the dominant force.


What’s Important Now - The ability for an individual or a group of people to focus solely on a specific task without cluttering their mind or vision from outside influences.

Win your Individual Battle - There is an individual competition within each practice and game.  Your teammate trusts you to win your battle.
Win the Moment - Complete focus and attention on doing your best this rep.
Win the Day - What did I do to improve myself, my family, and my team?
My next play is my best play - Have the ability to turn the page and not dwell on the past play, good or bad.  This is critical to move forward and live in the present moment.

Character Counts

  • Be on time and stay late to put in the extra work.
  • Do what you say you're going to do... every time!
  • Maximum effort - Do your very best on every rep on and off the field.
  • Be invested in your teammates... their successes are yours.